• Home holiday Piedmont Monferrato Langhe Roero Unesco Heritage
  • Home holiday Piedmont Monferrato Langhe Roero Unesco Heritage
  • Home holiday Piedmont Monferrato Langhe Roero Unesco Heritage
  • Home holiday Piedmont Monferrato Langhe Roero Unesco Heritage
  • Home holiday Piedmont Monferrato Langhe Roero Unesco Heritage


In the Monferrato area, summer reveals local aromas and specialities in a myriad of food and wine festivals offering inimitable colours typical of its gentle slopes and cities of art.

The Pavese Festival

The Festival dedicated to Cesare Pavese is held in Santo Stefano Belbo every four years and hosts writers and artists who tell and interpret the life and the works of Cesare Pavese.

The Douja d'Or in Asti

The Chamber of Commerce of Asti with the technical collaboration of O.N.A.V. (National Organization of Wine Tasters) organises every year the National Oenological Competition for DOC and DOCG wines named "Premio Douja d'Or". The initiative is communicated all over the territory and wineries who might be interested send to Asti the wine samples of their most prestigious productions for the quality checks.

The Barbera Fiesta

The event takes place in the streets and squares of the historical centre on the second weekend of the month of May and is organised by the Regional Wine Cellar in Nizza, in collaboration with the municipality and the Association of Manufacturers of Nizza - Barbera d'Asti and the local Pro Loco Association. During "Nizza รจ Barbera" the Barbera d'Asti Superiore Nizza is tasted, as well as the wine of all other types from the Piedmont Barbera DOC producers, the wine companies and the cellars from the regional territory. In the exhibition area, visitors can buy a tasting glass, thus having the possibility to taste all the displayed wines.

Rapule Festival of Calosso

The third week-end of October, Calosso opens the doors to all crotin in the center of town.
Thousand of visitors descend on Calosso for the night walk from crotin to crotin; in each crotin a special home made food and wine made wine is served by the oldest member of the family.

Siege of Canelli

The re-enactment of the 1613 siege of the town of Canelli is a two-day event thet attracts over 50000 people every year and involves the entire population of Canelli.
A re-enactment that combines music, history, theater, visual arts and of course the best local food in order to create the most festive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Palio of Asti

A colorful horse race dating back to the Midlle Ages.
Jockeys race without saddle to commemorate the patron saint of Asti.

Alba Truffle Fair and Auctio

An annual two-day event that brings together truffle hunters, truffle merchants and truffle consumers.
The truffle fairs takes place in a playful atmopshere where the main attractions are a donkey race, the renaissance flag wavers, drum marching bands and renaissance custom parades.
Very rich and elaborate food and wine pavillions exhibit the most delicius foods of the region.

Wine Barrels Race of Nizza

An 18th century tradition when delivery boys used to compete with one another while rolling wine barrels to varius locations.
A very engaging competition (people train all year round), where teams from various sections of Nizza vie to win the annual trophy.

Asti Food festival

On the second week-end of September, the city of Asti recreates a century old farming village in which the locals display old farming gears, tool and artifacts.
Everybody contributes old items and relics from their home and help create an open farm museum for two days.
Food and wine take center stage in the farming village where rustic and simple dishes are sampled along with elaborate ones.
This is an event not to be missed.